Digital and multimedia producer, video editor, translator, subtitler and outreach coordinator for educational videos, corporate and governmental multimedia projects, and documentary films in Arabic, French and English.

Produced, edited, translated and subtitled corporate, governmental and non-profit videos for community and international organizations in Washington, DC, such as Emmaus for the Aging, U.S. Institute of Peace and the World Bank. Experience in television and video production, film festival organizing, outreach and promoting cultural events and documentary films. Wore many hats in front of and behind the camera: from production assistant, editing assistant to associate producer, including shows for PBS AVOIDING ARMAGEDDON and National Geographic TV DEADLY DOZEN. Served media production and government contracting companies, as well as non-profit organizations and independent filmmakers.

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Started career in television in Beirut, Lebanon, producing and hosting a health segment that aired nationally and across the Arab world on Future TV for three years. Produced over 200 episodes and interviewed a number of medical experts on a wide range of public-health issues including: nutrition, pediatrics, cancer, and alternative medicine.
After moving to Washington, produced segments for Arab TV stations and received my master’s degree in Film and Video Producing from American University. Served on the Board of Women in Film and Video in Washington, DC, from 2006 to 2010. Directed debut independent documentary film, MADAME PARLIAMENTARIAN.

Love meeting the intellectual and creative challenges of making and promoting media projects and films, especially those that connect to social movements and international development and that capitalize on my ability to work in English, Arabic, and French.