FRENCH Conversation Sessions

Group and Individual French conversation sessions for beginner and intermediate level speakers.

Is your French a little rusty? Want to jump into an easy day-to-day conversation without the hassle of boring grammar? This is for you.

My students include government employees, international development workers, tourists, entrepreneurs, Francophiles, heritage speakers, multicultural families and couples, and those engaging with native speakers.

Sessions can be scheduled in-person within the Washington, DC area or online, and customized for individual students at various levels. Please inquire using the form below. A bientôt.


GROUP classes: 4-5 weeks, 1 hour long. Fridays 6:30 pm starting mid January, 2023.

INDIVIDUAL classes: packages include 8 sessions 60-minutes long.

INQUIRY FORM: Please fill out the form indicating what you think your level is, where you previously learned French, what your goal is, and we’ll take it from there.


Attended a French school from kindergarten to college, was taught by French professors and love the language. Fluent in English and Arabic.

  • Teaching French to professionals in the Washington, DC area in person and online since 2016 at Berlitz and ILI.
  • Experienced in individual tutoring and group classes lasting up to 10 weeks per semester.
  • Rated by ACTFL/LTI as orally proficient in Arabic, French and English.
  • Trained and experienced interpreter, translator, subtitler, and voiceover narrator for educational videos and documentary films.
  • U.S. citizen.
  • Attended French Lycée, Mission Laïque Française de Beyrouth, where French was the first language of instruction from age 3-18 until Baccalaureat.

Payment can be made Venmo to @aflamallc, by check, or