Completed Documentary Film

MADAME PARLIAMENTARIAN filmed in Lebanon during the 2005 and 2009 parliamentary elections, the 16-minute film is about women’s participation in political life in Lebanon (Director, Producer, Narrator, co-Editor). Completed in 2014. Visit film website at

In Progress

“Daughters of the Levant” recounts the peddling and entrepreneurial activities of the Syrian-Lebanese women who immigrated to the United States in the early 1900s.
The early Syrian-Lebanese immigrants came to America mainly in search of economic prosperity and pursued peddling as their main occupation. Peddlers were traders who carried items in notions cases and traveled across the country selling items door to door to American homes. The Syrian-Lebanese women, in particular, excelled at peddling and initiated various entrepreneurial activities as they settled into communities and assimilated within American society.

Previous Short Videos:

“A Lebanese Touch in Washington: the Embassy of Lebanon” 9’22”
Honorable Mention at the Hometown Video Festival 2002. Aired on Channel 33 in Arlington, VA and screened at American University in Washington, DC.

“Qana” English version, aired a number of times on Channel 33. 10′