Client Testimonials:

“I thought of Rouane when I needed some research work done for a historical documentary. The piece was about an invasion in Haiti in the late fifties. The painstaking work she did at the Library of Congress unraveled a good many mysteries on some of the key figures I was working on. It all made sense after her work! Research is tedious work, it’s time consuming and requires a lot of patience, Rouane has those qualities but more than that she gets excited about her work. I highly recommend her”.

Mario L. Delatour, Filmmaker

“Rouane Itani was responsible for developing contacts, organizing outreach screenings and making relationships. She also completed final translation and subtitle work for my film. Rouane Itani is resourceful and takes a personal interest in the projects she works on. Your project is her project.”

Brigid Maher, filmmaker/professor

“We were especially happy with the wonderful review of the Smithsonian concert in the arts section of the Washington Post that you helped secure, as well as with the coverage by Reuters News and AOL online.”

Peter Gubser, past director, ANERA

“I hired Rouane Itani to film the opening reception of my father’s show at the Corcoran Museum. She very carefully filmed the paintings, successfully portraying their color and texture, and then accurately captured the feel of the opening reception along with short interviews from visitors.”

Tessa Lachman, artist’s daughter

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